EAN code: 4052809230214

DMX-512 controller, 16 devices each with up to 18 DMX channels controllable, joystick, USB

The completely new “COMMANDER” series from INVOLIGHT includes a variety of newly developed DMX control devices for a wide range of applications. The series offers controllers for e.g. LED spotlights, scanners, moving heads and other DMX-controllable devices. They were all designed with the latest know-how and innovative ideas and offer a correspondingly high level of user-friendliness. Particular attention was paid to simple, quick-to-learn operation. All controllers are delivered with detailed, clearly understandable operating instructions in German and English so that the user can quickly understand the console and use it professionally. The “LIGHTControl” is a lavishly equipped chaser console with a control capacity of up to 16 devices, each with up to 18 channels. It has 16 channel strips and a joystick, allowing access to all channels instantly and without scrolling through multiple pages. A particularly noteworthy innovation is the “preset function”, with which you can define and name 16 channels for specific functions. The function is then shown in the display when you slide the control (e.g. channel strip 5 for “Goborad” – “GOBO” is shown in the display). This eliminates the often annoying “guessing” of which function is currently being controlled. In addition, channel 16 can be made additional to the master dimmer, which is always useful if devices do not have one. Each channel fader can also be assigned to any DMX channel. For example, if you are used to a certain function being on a certain channel, but this is not the case with the device you want to control, you can simply reassign the channel. The PAN/TILT joystick can also be freely assigned and does not necessarily have to be used for PAN/TILT. Thanks to the freely assignable special buttons AUX1 and AUX2, strobes and fog machines, for example, can be operated at the push of a button. There is also plenty of storage space when it comes to programming. 30 scenes and 30 chases can be saved. The chases can each be made up of up to 200 scenes. All saved sequences can then either be called up manually or played as an automatic program with adjustable speed or in music-controlled mode. Thanks to MIDI compatibility, it is also possible to control the device via a keyboard or sequencer software. The USB port is also particularly noteworthy. Shows or individual scenes can be saved here on USB sticks and read back in if data is lost.


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Innovative DMX console for 16 devices with 18 channels each
Channel Preset function
Channel assignment freely adjustable
16 channel trains
Assignable joystick
30 programmable scenes
30 chases with 200 scenes each (1500 maximum)
Playback of scenes / chases manually, via music control or automatic
Automatic mode with time control to adjust the process speed
Music control via built-in microphone or via line input
Blackout Function
USB port for backup of scenes and chases
Backlit LCD display with 2x 16 characters
19 “installation dimensions
Power supply: 9V / 12V DC, 300mA min.
Dimensions: 482 x 200 x 73mm (4.5U, 19 “)
Weight: 3kg






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