INVOLIGHT® is a brand portfolio for professional lighting equipment, special effects and accessories.
At the origin of our brand is German company Destilan Deutschland GmbH®, founded in 2005, which fused and is renamed to INVGROUP Germany GmbH in 2020.
For more than 20 years, we have been offering a carefully selected range of lighting equipment and we can proudly say that all our devices meet high quality standards for the professional market in Europe.
Before putting our devices into mass production, all details, components and mechanisms are carefully monitored and controlled, to the smallest detail.
All devices are then thoroughly tested before being commercialized.

As a result, INVOLIGHT® benefits from a wide range of innovative equipment, which is why you will find some models only exclusively with us.



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Quality black on white! We have been committed to maintaining the passion, and putting it into our products to ensure its perfect ratings! We want you to share our enthusiasm as well! Devices at a reasonable price with high performance and very good durability are the target we feel committed! Close contact and the constant exchanges with our manufacturers, make it easy for us to firmly stand behind our products! Of course, the suggestions and wishes of our customers are considered!


   Central Stock


Thanks to our large storage capacities, we can guarantee that we have the products ready to be delivered as fast as possible! Even larger quantities are not a problem. This relieves your storage! Upon request, we also deliver directly to your customers. Customer protection does matter for us! Also, spare parts are always available, so you only have to give your cherished Involight products!


   Customer Service


Service as it should be!We ensure you a fast and friendly handling of your inquiries and orders and, if it comes to the utmost, of course, a swift and unbureaucratic processing of your complaints!In our showroom you can let us take you into the world of innovations with INVOLIGHT ! In addition, we also provide equipment for detailed test. Contact us!If a device fails, we will help you quickly! All devices sent-in are checked and repaired by our in-house technicians.For later: After registering with us, you will always have the most up-to-date data ready so that you can easily include our products in your portfolio and keep them up-to-date!