EAN code: 4052809268217

Moving head wash, 7x40W RGBW 4in1 LED, zoom 4°-60°

INVOLIGHT PROWASH740Z is an innovative and versatile moving head. This highly efficient and reliable device is specially designed for stage performances, concerts, clubs and other events. Thanks to the built-in motorized movement system, the Prowash740Z is able to rotate and tilt continuously, allowing the lighting effects to be freely controlled and moved. This function creates a special visual experience on stage or at events and ensures a dynamic atmosphere. DMX compatibility, allowing professional lighting technicians precise and detailed control. It also has integrated automatic programs that offer different lighting modes and are easy to use even for beginners.
In 23 channel DMX mode, the TILT movement can be infinite, giving you complete control over the movement of the beam.
The PROWASH740Z’s linear, extended zoom allows for an impressive beam opening angle of 4 degrees up to a generous 60 degrees. Whether you need narrow, focused lighting or wide illumination, this moving head adapts flexibly to your needs.
What really makes this moving head stand out is the extremely bright illumination it offers with an impressive 140,000 lux @ 1m (6°).

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Type: WASH
Light source: 7 x RGBW LEDs
Brightness: 1040 Lux @ 3m (60°), 140000 Lux @ 1m (6°), 40500 Lux @ 1m (60°), 8120 Lux @ 3m (6°)
Opening angle: 4°-60°
Colors: RGBW, CMY
Color temperature: 2800K-6500K
Zoom: Motorized
Dimmer: Electronic 0-100%
Stroboscope: Electronic: 1-20Hz
PAN: 540° 8/16Bit
TILT: 280° 8/16bit, Endless
Operating modes: DMX, W-DMX
16 or 23 DMX input
3-pole XLR plug DMX output
3-pole XLR female
Power connection: POWERCON input and output
Power consumption: 300W




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