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Up to now you always had to decide: should it be a beam, wash or spot? There is now a very special answer to this question: all 3 combined in one device! The “TRINITY150LED” from INVOLIGHT is a very special moving head; thanks to its hybrid design, it can be used as a beam, spot or wash head. This is made possible by a very large zoom range (2° – 26° in total), in conjunction with a frost filter and 2 prisms. In addition, 2 gobo wheels with beautiful gobos are installed. One with 8 rotating gobos and another with 16 fixed gobos. A motorized focus is also integrated. In beam mode at 2°, the LED in the “TRINITY150LED” reaches a brightness of a gigantic 147,000 lux after 3m. That’s an impressive value! The operating modes available are: stand-alone automatic program, music control, master/slave and of course DMX. The DMX mode includes 2 DMX channel modes: one with 15 channels and one with 20 channels. PowerCon compatible power connection, 3-pin DMX inputs/outputs and Quicklock fasteners for suspension are further professional features. All in all, the “TRINITY150LED” is an inexpensive and professional moving head that can impress and inspire across the board.


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Product Type: LED Moving Head
Type: Spot / Wash / Beam
LED number: 1
LED Typ: Osram Led Chip, White LED Engine
Beam angle: 2° – 26°
Static gobos: 16 + open
Rotating gobos: 8 + open
Color spectrum: 10 colors + open
Gobo size: outer diameter (OD) 12mm / inner diameter (ID) 11.5mm
Prism:8-facet and 6-facet linear
DMX input: XLR 3-pin
DMX output: XLR 3-pin
DMX mode: 20 channels or 15 channels
PAN movement: 540° 16bit
TILT movement: 270° 16bit
High frequency strobe: > 20 Hz
Standalone Modi: Auto Run, Sound Control
Display elements: QVGA touch screen
Power supply connection: Powercon compatible input and output
Housing material: metal, ABS plastic
Housing color: black
Cooling: fan
Housing color: black
Illuminance: 2°(14cm) – 147000 lux @ 3m, 26°(108cm) – 2500 lux @ 3m
Operating voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 237W
Dimensions: 382x581x237mm
Weight: 18kg




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