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LED spotlight with 7 x 10W 6in1 RGBWA+UV LEDs, 40°, IR remote control, 9030 Lux @1m

The “SlimPAR PRO” series from Involight is known for professional, robust and reliable devices. Now there are the SlimPAR1210 PRO & SlimPAR710 PRO with 6 colors RGBWA/UV LEDs!

You can see at a glance that they belong to a family. The two devices are as similar, except for their size, as one egg to another. Both are made of very sturdy sheet metal and make a very solid impression at first glance. The “SlimPAR PRO” can be operated in stand-alone, sound, master/slave or DMX mode. Both models are equipped with an IR remote control as standard. All operating modes/settings as well as DMX addressing can be conveniently controlled via the digital on-board menu The Powercon-compatible input/output sockets allow several spotlights to be operated on one phase without having to lay a separate power line for each device. The standard double bracket is also clever, allowing it to be used as a floor spot Question comes. The position of the brackets is fixed using two effectively working toggle screws, which reliably hold the headlight in the desired position. The high-performance LEDs naturally need to cool down. The headlights are equipped with fans that run either temperature-dependent or permanently, as desired. Then at a medium, almost inaudible speed, but the special thing is the colors. As already mentioned, six-color light-emitting diodes are used here. You have to know that the original color mixture is based on the colors red, green and blue, from which you can – at least theoretically – mix all other colors together. Especially with white and pastel-colored tones, there is a visible gap in the LED color mixture of just the three RGB original colors, so that additional white and amber-colored LEDs definitely bring about an improvement in the mixing of these colors mentioned. UV light has so far actually been outside the mixing range of conventional LEDs. It therefore makes sense to offer this as an extra color, as this is the only way to create the well-known black light effect. Black light is also good for illuminating a stage that is not currently being used to create a break atmosphere. What’s surprising is that UV not only works well as a standalone color, but can also help create some interesting shades in the mix.


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Product type: LED PAR spotlight
Color spectrum: RGBWA / UV
LED number: 7
LED Type: 10W 6-in-1
Beam angle: 40 °
9030 Lux @ 1m
DMX input: 3-pin XLR male
DMX output: 3-pin XLR female
DMX mode: 6, 7, 8, 9 or 11 channels
DMX functions: master dimmer, color change, color fade, music control, strobe
Stand-alone features: color change, color blending, music control, strobe, static colors, master / slave operation, auto programs
Controls: Mode, Setup, Up, Down
Display elements: 4-digit LED display
Operating voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 79W
Power connector: Powercon compatible input and output
Housing material: metal
Housing color: black
Dimensions: 265 × 245 × 115mm
Weight: 2.7 kg
Additional features: multifunctional mounting bracket, IR remote control





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