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LED light effect with 16 x3W RGBW LEDs

FINALLY! The long-awaited successor to the legendary “RX-350” is here!
And it was definitely worth the wait! The new version, the “RX-350HP” has a total of 16 large and extremely bright 3 watt LEDs, each in RGBW. That means: 48 watts of LED power in RGBW! In addition, the new “RX-350HP” is equipped with an additional feature: an angled tripod bushing! This makes it easy to attach the device to a tripod, which was always a problem with its predecessor. There is a locking screw at the back of the device for easy attachment. The device is simply pushed onto a tripod with a standard 35mm tube and secured with the locking screw. Thanks to the slanted implementation, the device immediately has the optimal inclination towards the dance floor. The ease of operation of the “RX-350” has not changed in the new “RX-350HP” either: Decide for yourself whether you want it to work music-controlled to the beat of the music, whether you want to use one of the 19 pre-saved programs or the varied one Fully automatic program to design your light show. All functions can be easily set using the digital on-board menu. DMX control is also possible. The device can be controlled very flexibly via 3, 7 or 16 channels. Especially in 16-channel mode. Here each LED can be controlled and dimmed individually! Link multiple units and let them work synchronously with each other in master/slave mode. With thousands of units sold, the “RX-350” was and is one of the lighting effects of the last 5 years – and the successor definitely will be too! Because the new version is significantly brighter, much more flexible, more compact, more stylish and still very affordable!


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Product type: LED beam effect
Color spectrum: RGBW
LED number: 16
LED type: 3W
Total beam angle: 150°
DMX input: 3-pin XLR male
DMX output: 3-pin XLR female
DMX mode: 3, 7 or 16 channels
DMX functions: color change, music control, strobe, AUTO programs
Standalone functions: AUTO programs, music control, master/slave operation
Controls: Mode, Setup, Up, Down
Display elements: 4-digit LED display
Operating voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 55W
Power supply connection: IEC socket input and output
Case material: metal
Housing color: black
Dimensions: 755 x 160 x 167mm
Weight: 3.9kg





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