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Good things have been improved, tried and tested things have been retained! FUME is the new product line from INVOLIGHT. It represents the upper class for demanding users. The “FUME900DMX” is a professional fog machine with excellent features. The machine has an Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS) system for extremely short heating phases. To protect the pump, an optical sensor is also installed, which switches off the pump if the fog fluid level is too low. The “FUME900DMX” offers a powerful output with a volume of 226m³/min. and has high quality components. The pump, heating element and control boards are selected with the greatest care and offer a very high level of operational safety and reliability in this price range. A 4-channel radio remote control “W-2” (433MHz) is included as standard. In addition, the machine can also be controlled via DMX protocol. The output can be activated and the strength adjusted via a DMX channel. An LED display enables addressing. The tank holds 1 liter and a level indicator shows how much fluid is still in the tank. An “X-2” cable remote control and a “D-800” timer controller can be ordered as an option.

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Product type: fog machine
Operating voltage: AC220-230V, 50Hz
Power consumption: 850W
Power supply connection: IEC power input socket with fuse holder
Tank capacity: 1 liter
Warm-up time: Approx. 3 minutes (depends on the ambient temperature)
Mist output: 226 m3/min.
Fluid consumption: 28ml/min
Remote control included: radio remote control “W-2” (433MHz)
Remote control optional: cable remote control “X-2”, timer controller “D-800”
Case material: metal
Housing color: black
Dimensions with bracket: 457x265x200mm
Weight: 5.2kg
Further features: Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS), optical sensor to switch off when the fog fluid level is low




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