INVOLIGHT® is a brand portfolio for professional lighting equipment, special effects and accessories. At the origin of our brand is German company Destilan Deutschland GmbH®, founded in 2005, fused and renamed to INVGROUP Germany GmbH in 2020.
For more than 20 years, we have been offering a carefully selected range of lighting equipment and we can proudly say that all our devices meet high quality standards for the professional market in Europe. Before putting our devices into mass production, all details, components and mechanisms are carefully monitored and controlled, to the smallest detail All devices are then thoroughly tested before being commercialized.
As a result, INVOLIGHT® benefits from a wide range of innovative equipment, which is why you will find some models only exclusively with us. The devices are supplied with a detailed and comprehensible manual. We pay great attention to the feedback of our customers, to take into account all of your comments and work carefully to answer your questions rapidely. In addition, our dealer network consists of carefully selected qualified companies, who are always willing to help. Feel free to reach out to them!
INVOLIGHT® – Join the bright side of life – is our brand motto! Today it is possible to say with confidence that for more than twenty years now in the lighting equipment, special effects and accessories, our brand has been a set the trend in the sphere of light shows. From the “small” LED PARs to the moving heads for the professional sector, we offer the entire spectrum of lighting effects. INVOLIGHT® offers as well control devices for a wide range of demands! The INVOLIGHT® portfolio is completed with fog, snow and hazer machines for every type of need you may have, casual to very demanding! Thanks to its product range INVOLIGHT® has secured a large market presence. For the DJs to the professional organizers and distributors, there is a suitable product INVOLIGHT® for everyone.
Make your dreams come true with INVOLIGHT®!