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DMX Recorder, 19″

It is probably THE solution for installations and distributors: the “DMXREC” from INVOLIGHT. The principle sounds simple – and is it: The “DMXREC” is a DMX recorder that can record complex scenes no matter what they were created with. And that across the entire spectrum of a DMX universe, ie 512 channels. Afterwards, up to 7 shows can be conveniently selected and played back via the “RECPanel” control panel or via the recorder itself. In practice, this is also very easy to implement: Create as usual with your DMX controller or DMX software scenes or shows. Then connect the controller or the software interface with the “DMXREC”. This switch to “Record” and play back your created shows. The “DMXREC” records these values ​​and saves them. There are 7 memory slots available. If all scenes and shows have been recorded by the “DMXREC”, you can play them back with the “Play” button and also adjust their speed. The “DMXREC” plays the selected show in an endless loop, so that no interruptions take place. The optically very noble “RECPanel” is intended for wall mounting. It can be installed discreetly in catering establishments in areas accessible to personnel. The connection between the recorder and the panel is realized with a simple network cable that can be conveniently purchased in the desired length in any electrical market. For lenders, perhaps even the recorder is enough, which is why the two items from this set are also available separately. We recommend this innovative solution especially for catering establishments, where the staff should start and stop shows without prior knowledge and for lenders who want to prevent stored scenes or shows from being altered or even deleted accidentally.


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Records complete shows of controllers and saves them
Number of DMX channels: 512
Memory locations: 7
Automatic or manual mode
Speed ​​of the show on “DMXREC” adjustable
7 buttons for direct selection of the shows
Blackout button
Connections: 2x DMX Out, 1x DMX In, 1x DMX Preview Out, 1x RJ45 Out
Optional: RECpanel with touch pad control
Operating voltage: AC100-240V, 50 / 60Hz
Fuses: F1A / 250V
Power consumption: 5W
Dimensions: 482 x 176 x 46 mm
Weight: 1.72kg




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