EAN code: 4052809230283

8-way DMX splitter / repeater, 1U 19 “for rack mounting

The “DMXS8″ by INVOLIGHT is a splitter and repeater in 19 ” format. It offers eight 3-pin XLR outputs for dividing the DMX signal in complex setups and installations. This device receives the incoming DMX signal and distributes it to 8 separate outputs. This reduces problems with ground loops and amplifies the DMX signal. All outputs include 3-pin XLR jacks that are electronically isolated to ensure uninterrupted data flow. The switchable 120 Ohm terminator for the DMX Link-Out is also extremely useful. If it is not needed, the end resistor can be connected to prevent interference. Each output has a red and green control LED. These signals whether everything is OK (green) or a fault (red). In addition, each output has dedicated drivers to amplify the incoming signal.

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8-way DMX-512 splitter / repeater
3pin XLR Isolated input
3pin XLR Link output
8 galvanically isolated 3pin XLR outputs
On / off switch
120 ohm terminating resistor for the link-out, switchable
Control LEDs (red / green) for monitoring per channel
Power supply: IEC input, 100-240V / 50 ~ 60Hz
Operating voltage: 6 watts
Fuse: F1A / 250V
1U 19 “rack mount size
Dimensions: 482 x 117 x 46 mm
Weight: 1.35kg




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